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About NJ Croce:

N.J. Croce’s fabulously cute and fetching bendable action figures, key chains and clocks are a great value for the money. Design and details are second to none; they are a must-have on any fan’s shopping list. The Boston Area Toy Collectors Club named NJ Croce Co. as one of the Top-20 toy companies, an honor which we are very proud of.

Gumby, SpongeBob, Sonic, Miraculous, Mr. Bill and Mr. Bean are some of the winning brands we offer. Join the thousands of retailers worldwide who are enjoying success with our products!

We sell to the trade only, but consumers can find us easily on Amazon by searching “NJ Croce”.

N.J. Croce caters to businesses in the retail trade, of all kinds and sizes: If you are just getting started in business, we make it easy to buy; if you are an established national enterprise, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Contact us for our latest catalog or to establish an account.

Since we hold stock on all items we make, we can ship your order quickly, and we promise that your orders will be processed and packed in a professional manner.

If you are from outside of the U.S., we welcome your business. Please inquire for details.

We are the good guys and appreciate our customers: Fair and ethical business practices are important to us. We also care for our diverse team of employees by providing a pleasant and fair working environment with employee benefits.


Nick Croce, Sr.’s history in the Gift and Collectibles field started in 1953 marketing notable lines such as Hagen-Renaker, Josef Originals, Goebel of the Hummel figurines fame, and consulting Disney to establish their first venture into consumer products. He grew his business into the largest sales organization in the western U.S. servicing 13 states with a team of salesmen, managers and five showrooms, which he sold in 1979.

Nick Jr. assisted his father in his various business ventures since his youth, and graduated with a BBA from the University of San Diego. After a six month stint working for Goebel in Germany, he co-founded NJ Croce Co. in 1981 importing European brassware for the wholesale trade. In 1983, the business reinvented itself when Nick Sr. signed our first licensing agreement for Gumby with Art Clokey, creator of the famous claymation character, which enjoyed a huge resurgence in the 1980s.

N.J. Croce Co. progressed by acquiring additional licenses such as The Simpsons, Betty Boop, Three Stooges, Dilbert, Garfield, Anheuser-Busch, DC Comics and numerous others. Products which we designed and sourced included Figurines, Key Chains, Bendables, 3D Motion Wall Clocks, Ceramics and numerous merch categories of licensed character and entertainment properties. We market to the retail trade in the U.S., Canada and Worldwide.


NJ Croce today has expanded to distributing top toy lines from distinguished global toy manufacturers which include Silverlit, Playmind Toys, Xiamen Chituo, The Canadian Group, Supermag, Sbabam, and Double Eagle.

Our retail markets range from Independents, Specialty Chains, Catalogues, Mass, Clubs, Mid-tier, Distributors and various .coms.

NJ Croce exhibits at various trade shows which include the New York Toy Fair, the Los Angeles Toy Preview, Hong Kong Toy Fairs and regional markets.

Our distribution capabilities include direct shipping from China to customers world-wide, and through our facility in Nampa, Idaho.


“We love NJ Croce! The products and customer service are second to none! My customers love the high quality T-Shirts and the animated clocks are the talk of the town! From product selection, to service, to delivery, NJ Croce and their staff are a delight! Keep up the fantastic work!!”
-Dean, Eras and Icons

“Nick and his team are always supportive and professional. Product line is fun and exciting for gift oriented stores. I love doing business with NJ Croce!”
-Frank, Superbackpack.com

“Great products that are made with quality and are lots of fun with broad appeal. And there’s always a helpful friendly voice on the phone.”
-Paul, Life’s Pleasures LLC

“I have been a memorabilia merchant for over 20 years. NJ Croce was one of my first suppliers of fine collectable’s and giftware. I have had a wonderful relationship with this company and have always received the best customer service and product that a merchant could ask for. I would recommend NJ Croce to anyone looking for a great company to work with.”
-Tammy, Goodies Galore

“We have over 1000 vendors and keeping track of them is never easy. Luckily we don’t have to with Nick and Friends at NJ Croce. Not only are their products great, but they ship out fast and accurately. They answer emails, and stand behind their products 100%. Who Doesn’t love Gumby and Bendables. We would buy them regardless of who sold them because they sell, but we are thrilled to know that such a nice company and group of people are behind it. We have ordered with them for years and will continue to do so. Thanks NJ Croce!”
-Howard, Gamingetc.com

“I have had the extraordinary pleasure of doing business with NJCroce while purchasing uniquely nostalgic quality merchandisethat effortlessly drive sales for my business. I am also very fortunate to have had the honor of personally meeting the individuals that make up this magical company, and am impressed beyond words by the level of customer service they provide. Nowhere else have I ever been made to feel so welcomed and at home. Their spirit and motivation to assist you in growing your business is a blissful reminder that we can all enjoy the journey to making our dreams come true. My sincere appreciation to all of you for your commitment to excellence!!”
-Christine, Odyssey Trading Co.

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