FunLockets Surprise Jewelry Box

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FunLockets Surprise Jewelry Box
  • Each funlocket includes 18 surprises! You can use Funlockets As a jeweller box. Each jeweler box may contain a rare glitter or scented charm. There's a secret heart drawer inside and a mirror. Available in either Pink or Purple, Each with a different selection of charms. There's also a bracelet or necklace inside.
  • Each Secret Jewellery Box has 18 surprises! Turn the key, what will it be?
  • Fun charms and hidden key-charms can be found in each drawer.
  • Includes rare, glitter and scented charms - collect, wear or share your charms
  • Each Secret Jewellery Box includes a necklace or bracelet.
  • 75 charms to collect in total

Product dimensions: 8.2" × 9.6" × 8.9"

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