FunLockets Surprise Jewelry Box Series 2: Fashionista

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FunLockets Series 2: Fashionista
  • Funlockets is a one of a kind secret box that's full of secrets, glitter and sparkles!
  • Open the doors, discover your 3D charms to collect, wear and play with!
  • Use the first key and find out which door it opens. Look inside for the charms and gem key... use the gem key to open the next door... etc.
  • In the last compartment, find the locket, open it up and find the last key to open the lid... and reveal the mirror, the collector leaflet, an additional charm and a necklace or a brackelet!
  • Play with your set of charms, share them, or wear them on your bracelet or necklace.
  • You can also use the Funlocket box to store all your jewels or your secrets! Wear the keys to ensure no one can open it!
  • Series 2 comes with 3 themes: Fashionista, Pet Parlour and Unicorn Fantasyland

Case pack: 12/12

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